Eat like an Olympian! Gold medal-winning gymnast Aly Raisman details her very strict diet and training regime as she tries to land a spot on Team USA for Rio

With three months until the 2016 Summer Olympics kick off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, gymnast Aly Raisman is in full training mode. The 21-year-old Fierce Five member, who already has two gold medals to her name, will be taking on the competition alongside Team USA starting August 5, and is clearly working hard to stay […]


6 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today

In this busy world of ours, the mind is constantly pulled from pillar to post, scattering our thoughts and emotions and leaving us feeling stressed, highly-strung and at times quite anxious. Most of us don’t have five minutes to sit down and relax, let alone 30 minutes or more for a meditation session. But it […]


21 Mindful Habits You Can Adopt Today

Mindfulness is a state of purposeful attention in the present. When you are mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings without judging them as good or bad. Mindfulness is to step into the moment, the here and now, to cultivate a pure awareness of the true nature of things; unspoiled by the mind’s persistent evaluation […]


7 Easy Ways to be Mindful Every Day

There are many simple ways you can be more mindful. Here are seven tips to incorporate into your daily life. 1. Practice mindfulness during routine activities. Try bringing awareness to the daily activities you usually do on autopilot, said Ed Halliwell, mindfulness teacher and co-author of the book The Mindful Manifesto. For instance, pay more […]


3 Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness in Your Daily Life

Imagine a world where everyone is mindful of themselves and each other. There’d be less distraction, less agitation, more connection to nature, and more peace. Studies have shown that a mindfulness practice helps relieve stress, calm the mind, improve mental and physical well-being, and increase productivity at work. But what is mindfulness, and why does […]


5 Ways To Bring Mindfulness Into Everyday Life

What does it mean to be mindful? Essentially, mindfulness means to be present, and in the moment. It is important that we remind ourselves of this simple fact. All too often we can lose the true essence of mindfulness by over-complicating things or putting all our emphasis on the act of meditation alone. Mindfulness is […]


Maintaining Mindfulness in Daily Life

Have you ever left a meditation retreat feeling inspired to practice being mindful in your everyday life and within hours done something unskillful and wondered, “What happened to my mindfulness?” More than likely your mindfulness was hijacked by your interpretation of your experience. We all have a tendency to rush to interpretation in our lives, […]


Mindfulness in Daily Life

Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment of daily life. To be mindful is to be truly alive, present, and at one with those around you and with what you are doing. We bring our body and […]


How to Be Mindful

A person is mindful when they are aware of their surroundings, actions, and emotions. Being mindful is not simply being alert. Instead, it is paying attention very carefully to your environment. You can train yourself to be more mindful. Mindfulness can have a positive impact on both your personal and professional life. There are many […]